Monday, 7 March 2011

07/03 Whenuapai with the Kiwi cowboys

We left our hostel in the city centre early Friday morning. Over the next three weeks we will be staying with katie's friend Julie who operates a fantastic horse riding school called Kiwi cowboys. Julie owns a farm in a suburb called Whenuapai in the Western Waitakere area of Auckland city. Whenuapai is home to the Royal New Zealand Air force base but Despite this Julie's farm is very calm and quiet. The farm holds ten horses a barn and quite a few padocks it is very peaceful and has a bit of a funny ranch/tropical feel to it. Julie is an amazing person to be around, she has made us feel very welcome and is such a nice person to be around. Already I have absolute trust in her. When I arrived I had done little more than look at horses in fields, Within two days I have overcome a mild intimidation and instinctive fear of horses, I have been bullied to feed, groom, and sit on a horse which is a big deal! Katie already with previous expirience seemed to quite happy with all these chores and is doing a fair bit better than me.

Me in Auckland harbour.

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