Sunday, 6 March 2011

06/03 Auckland

After what felt like an eternity we left Auckland international airport our finnal destination. We got the bus to our hostel just off Queens street in the city centre. Our hostel Nomads was the cheapest accommodation we could find at $22 a night which works out as 11 pounds a night in real money. The hostel was a five miunte walk from the harbour and really wasn't that bad. We slept in a 12 dorm room and had access to a kitchen, internet cafe and a nice bar. I will admit it, sleeping in a room with strangers is a bit strange, especially when one of your room mates is a fat 6'7" brute sporting huge nipple rings and tattoos. Apart from our murderous room mate who came and went at very perculiar hours of the morning everyone else seemed to be very normal and pleasant. The The first night we spent around five pounds each on dinner it was the best five pounds I have ever spent! I got a huge burger called the hangover cure with free chips!

The next day we took a wonder around Albert park which lies on one of many volcanic rocks in the Auckland area. We eat lunch in the park and had great day looking around the city centre, we also visited the Sky tower to find that our budget did not facilitate a visit to the sky deck.

Friday we were on a mission to find gum boots, what you and I would know as wellington boots. We needed to get the boots as the next day we were due to go horse riding. We searched high and low in the city centre for the boots and we resorted to walking five kilometers to a Westfield out of town. We asked for directions on a couple of occasions shortly followed by "Your walking all the way there?" (Aparently kiwi's don't walk far.) We did get there in the end though. That night we used more food coupons and visited the bar next door to the hostel. We spent around fourteen dollars and got a great pizza and glass of wine each. That pretty much finnished us off for the day and we were in bed by seven. Later that night one of our room mates returned from her night out with her drunk friends and woke the whole room up. This was the second time this happened and everyone was completely fed up with her. As we left the previous day we noticed she really wasn't wearing a lot in her hungover state. This night was no exception. While up for an early morning toilet visit this was what we found!

Slutty naked sleeping girl... HUMILIATION!!!