Sunday, 27 February 2011

27/02. 21 hours until departure

Wow! is that how long I have left, thats crazy. As anticipated Thursday was just painfully long, I got up to London pretty fast and collected the passports and visas from the Embassy of Vietnam on Kensington high street. As soon as I left the building I quickly flicked through my passport to find out what a Vietnamese Visa looks like. What an anti climax, I don't quite know what I was expecting but I was rather disappointed to find a sticker stamped and signed with a squiggle. Perhaps I was expecting a gold gilt Vietnam emblem in the middle of my passport, thats fine just as long as I have a good time there.

 I got into work at around 11:30, again my mind was rather pre occupied with the thought of gallivanting around Asia in the sunshine. On my lunch break I took advantage of Gatwick's great transport system, I picked up Katie's anti malarial tablets and treated myself to a take away lunch from costa. Upon returning to the office Katie was quick to let me know I had bought too many tablets. I immediately phoned the clinic to beg if I could return the expensive drugs in which they happily agreed. My partially reluctant manager agreed that I could go. He has been very tolerant with me over the last week, what a great lad. Instead of taking the luxury of the free bus and monorail, this time I decided to take the monkey bike that lives downstairs underneath the staircase. This machine is probably the smallest bike I have ever seen. It has a bright orange and silver paint job with tiny 12" wheels and a ridiculously short wheel base making it, absolutely lethal. Putting its substantial flaws aside it was most certainly great fun to ride. I nearly fell off on quite a few occasions and even took the audacity to be rebellious and ride down a moving walkway the wrong way, as if I could look any more cretinous. Later I was punished for my stunt, I pinch flatted the front wheel and was left to ride the slowest and worst handling bike back to the office. I had the the joy of sitting in my sweaty t-shirt until I left at 8.

Friday evening we had privilege of dining with Rob and Chloe. Chef Roberto cooked the most amazing dinner; a spinach and feta pie accompanied by a tomato salad and cucumber salad. Thank you Rob it was amazing.

Today I went shopping and I did a pretty good job. I came home with a tote towel, a nice jumper and t-shirt , an expensive Goretex waterproof jacket, loads of sun creme and insect repellant and I also got a roll of film developed.  I am really happy with my jacket, thanks Tk Maxx you always make sure I pay a good price. The roll of film I had developed was a lot better than last one. I really can't wait until I have unlimited photographic opportunities. I hope this trip is going to be a photography course in its self, I am still undecided about subject for my project.

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