Thursday, 24 February 2011

23/02 Still at home

With less than five days to go, our departure from the UK is drawing seriously close. Tomorrow Is a bit of a hectic one for me, in the morning I am off to town to pick up our Vietnamese Visas and our Passports on Kensington High Street. After battling through London's rush hour, Its back to The office in Gatwick. On the way I plan to grab a coffee in Victoria (don't tell Katie Im not allowed to spend a penny!) Once at work I will be popping off on my lunch Break to pick up Katie's Malarone tablets in Gatwick's Travel clinic. *Springs to mind "Score!" I got a prescription for my anti malarial drugs from my G.P. at great price! That should surely merit £2.60 for a coffee, Im still not going to mention it though! Once completing my errand If I am lucky, I might be able to have some lunch; probably not.

As you can probably tell by my ramblings work is not one of my highest priorities at this moment. For someone as easily distracted as me, it is incredibly hard for me to show an interest in the frivolous pursuit Mr Brooks is having to obtain a lamp for his Bicycle dynamo light from 1983. "I really don't care, just buy something so I can get back to looking at Thailand on Googlemaps!"

"So you've started packing?" A rhetorical question I have been asked numerous times this week NO! Of course I haven't, I am not even in possession of a passport at this minute. Well maybe that is a small lie I have, here is my packing list so far:

Wallet and NZ$300, Olympus Film SLR with 28mm fixed and 35mm -125mm zoom lens, 200 ASA film and a remote release, a gas burner for cooking food, a led sensor stainless steel torch, Toothbrush (no Toothpaste), Victorianox penknife for opening beer wine fish and most consumable goods, Lock Knife a manly essential for cutting stuff?, deodorant, boxers and t-shirt It's hot where were going, Mountain Biking UK I should really pack many more issues.

Perhaps I have missed a few items but nothing essential. Katie will probably be telling me otherwise. I best go to bed.


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