Thursday, 21 April 2011

New Zealand Hanmer Springs

Sorry It has been a while, Getting on the Internet and writing this blog has taken the back seat as we have been so busy over the last three weeks. What a journey it has been, We picked up the camper van from Christchurch and headed out for Hanmer Springs around 130 km "down the road". We followed the mountainous highways leading to Hanmer Springs through a desolate Mountain road in the pitch black and arrived at a campsite. We had arrived at our first destination a freezing cold dark campsite in the middle of no where. It was only then I was able to understand just why our "Camper van" was so cheap to hire. The converted people Carrier had couple of butchered planks of ply board Roughly imitating a fold out bed, a sink and some shelving probably put together by a trigger happy nail gun wielding kiwi. We then headed out looking for food and found apsolutely nothing going to bed empty stomached.

The next day was better, early awoken by our grumbling stomachs we hopped in the converted people carrier and drove to the supermarket to find it would be another half an hour before it opened It was painful wait. Once we had bought our food suplies we drove back to the campsite and plugged in our cheap kettle and cheap toaster which both took about half an hour to do their jobs. After a much deserved brekfast we decided to go for a walk to see the view over the surrounding area. It was a very pleasant walk up a pine wooded forest trail to a high point where we took some pictures of the mountains that we had battled with the previous evening. Later on that day we visited the main attraction of Hanmer springs the geothermal hot pools where we relaxed for the rest of the day.

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